Ready to go!

Just a few days now until we take off for our third trip to South America. Following our curtailed trip last year due to a pickpocket theft on the Santiago subway, we head off this time well prepared to counter any security issues. No more day packs to be grabbed, no more exposed wallets. We are flying business class for the first time on this trip, courtesy of some inheritance money. First stop Auckland, then Santiago Chile, where we pick up a flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina. It will be a very long day, but hopefully the luxury of business class cabins and VIP lounges will soften the blow. Our plan is to overnight in BA before flying direct to Bariloche, the entry point to Patagonia. From here we will be resuming our previously aborted trip taking us south as far as Punta Arenas in Chile, then north back up to Buenos Aires, into Uruguay, on to the Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian border and finally heading back through northern Argentina to our final destination, Santiago, Chile. Distances in South America are on the same scale as Australia, so we anticipate some very long bus trips.


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